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I seen a homeless man yesterday outside the walgreens the other day and he asked me for 2 dollars. I didnt want to open my wallet in front of him because I used to be homeless too and I didnt want him to see how much money I had in my wallet. I used to be homeless too….so on my way out I bought the man an aquafina water and was going to give him the water and the 2 dollars but he was gone.

Today, this morning I took the bottle of aquafina water out of the fridge and started to drink it and my husband started with the questions. Where did I get that bottle of water and why did I buy that brand “you know we dont drink that brand,” and yes I would have not of chose that brand for myself but it was all that was buy the register when I was paying. So I preceded to tell him about the homeless man and he immediatly told that I should have gave him 5 dollars instead of 2 and how weird I was for buying that brand. That it was so weird that I bought that brand that I must have only bought it because I did not want to share the water with him.

Honestly, my mind was blown I mean he has said things like this before to me, but I just couldnt believe him. I found myself explaining myself over and over as if I was in trouble for buying that brand of water. If anyone has some thoughts on this I would love some feedback.

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