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I am trying hard with my 4 year old he does not communicate very well so I was not comfortable sending him to public school. The state speach threapist came and said that he speaking was fine and what they call typical development. Which is good news. Popular myth: Parents think they are not qualified to teach their children: When in fact if you graduated high school or have some equivalent then you are totally qualified.


Maybe I should of changed that to my husband rather than marriage. Can two people that are completely opposite of each other be soul mates? Do opposites really attract? My husband and I have been together almost 12 years and I spent 10 on them doing drugs. He fortunately, is not an addict which is not a bad thing but it is hard for him to comprehend why I can’t “just not be depressed,” or “just say no I am not going to feel like that.” If it was only that easy. I don’t want to be depressed I didnt ask to have a mental illness. My parents were addicts and abusive. I didn’t get to learn how to cope properly and now I am trying to do it properly and I should just “flip the switch” so to speak. I have more to say, but have to go tend to the kids. Bye for now.

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