Watching all this play out in the Gabby Petito case has me really reminissing on a relationship I used to have similar to that one. Not even 2 years ago… the pain and the manipulation is overwhelmimg. Then when you have the courage to say something no one believes you or “what did you do to make him treat you like that.?” Like no fucking way that is a thing. I have been around abuse my entire life and my real question is when does it stop? When is enough, enough. That guy Brian standing there saying that “she’s just crazy.” Right but leaving out the part he played in it.

This hits home for me almost every relationship I have been in has been like that. Even my father was like that. It just infuriates me honestly, how many times I tried to get out and how many times I was scared for my life. I can not even imagine the pain and fear she went through. Just makes me want to cry. I remember once my mom asked what happened to my leg and I lied and said I fell when really he had pushed me really hard and I almost broke my leg. But why am I covering for him? I can not explain my reasoning other than I was scared of him.

So I hope that what happened to Gabby is not in vain and I pray maybe someone who also is in an abusive relationship can have the courage to come forward. Also I pray that if and when they do come forward that they are heard. I spent the last year of my dad’s life caught up with this guy and I missed out on being with my dad. I can’t ever get that back.

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