Riddle Me This

He always right even when hes wrong. Their is not point arguing with him because even if you prove your right…he still thinks your the dumbass. Every decision that is made has to go through him. If you do anything that is out of the norm for him then your weird. There is no small talk conversation with him because he is just gonna take over the conversation and tell you how dumb you are. Or better yet he will gaslight you over and over and make you question your own thoughts. You have to walk on egg shells around him so he doesnt get mad. Make sure that the baby doesnt cry to much and he is not going to watch them so take them with you everywhere.

But he works right…he works all day so when he gets home I should of had everything clean and waiting for him. While he plays his game on his phone you will feed the kids, make dinner, clean up all the mess, do all the grocery shopping, bathe the kids, change diapers, make bottles, make sure to put gas in the car and buy him cigarettes because if you did not you will be getting up early in the moring to go to the store then. He cant be inconvienced by entering a store. Also, even though you have washed and folded all of his specific clothes and put them in his designated drawers. You will have to retrieve for him anyway because he cant be bothered with bending over and getting them hisself.

His mother said “well you need a father for your kids” guess thats good enough reason to keep him around. Imagine been the guy that only surrounds himself with people that he can control and every idea or anything he has something negative to say and acts like a child.

But you know I need a father for my kids

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