You know I watched all these documentaries about R Kelly and I can’t help but think of my Abusive ex that didn’t want me to see my kids or talk to my mom. He would say horrible things to my daddy all the while talking to all these other girls. You know I told him when I met him that I didn’t want to be another one’s of his girls because I saw his Facebook with only girls on it and I knew that this was a pattern. Now I spoke to one girl he dated after me and cried with her when she told me how he had her homeless sleeping behind a building and she got arrested that’s how she got away.

Omg I could not stop thinking about that last day I was with him and he spit on me we were walking and arguing. I hadn’t eaten in days so I went inside the HEB and stole 2 cans of pork and beans and 2 plastic forks. When I came out with the food he told me that he doesn’t like beans. I just couldn’t believe him cause it had been days since we had eaten. So we laid down there on the ground next to the HEB and went to sleep in the broad daylight. When I woke up he was still asleep and had a picture of my best friend in his hand. Now I knew there was something going on with him but I didn’t care. You know I stood up covered in bite marks from laying on the ground I told him I’d be right back and I went and told my kids dad that I wanted to go to rehab. That was the last time I saw him. I had to get away I was loosing myself. I had nothing left but what I was wearing and that man stripped me of everything. I had a house job car and a nice phone when I met him.

Why do we stay with our abuser why does he have something we want. I can’t believe the things I’ve done and allowed to be done to me. People like R Kelly and my ex need to be locked up. So they can’t prey on girls anymore 😕

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Hello I am alaina and thanks so much for checking out my profile.

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