My friend Matthew

I’m going today to pick up my friend who I changed his name for privacy reasons but anyway my friend Matthew is probably the most annoying person I ever met. His dad was 60 years old when he was born and his mom was and is an addict and has never been in his life. In the last 2 years his dad passed away and his mother only reached out to him in interest of money so he is not speaking to her now.

Anyway, he has a sis that lives a few states away and she is in her 50s while Matthew is only 22. The reason I am going to get him is because since his dad has died he really has been having a hard time surviving and using while he’s doing it. I feel for him so what possibly is going on in his mind with no parents and no one to care about them. So I to him if he would go stay with his sister I would help him get there.

Well my husband’s family was all making fun of him and not wanting to help him because like I said he is so annoying. I was just so upset that they were all just talking shit instead of helping him. I sure hope and pray that they are never in a position that they have to ask strangers that have no relationship to him for help. Shame on them and my husband was pretty upset with them too.

So moral of the story don’t be that person. The one who would rather make fun of someone than help them. I once was a homeless drug addict and I never would have never made it if people didn’t care about me and not give up on me.

Do better people…

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