Bipolar Disorder

I have bipolar sad severe depression and I used to mask it all with drugs but now my emotions are all to the surface since I’m coming up on my 2 years sober. It’s also been 2 years without my dad and even though it’s doesn’t bother me sometimes it bothers me most of the time. I really miss my daddy🥺. So I just start crying for no reason and my husband seems very concerned. Makes me love him more that he cares about my feelings and trys to help my daily life be better. I knew my anger towards him was just me and I love my husband more and more everyday 💓

My dad and my oldest son April 2005

I love you daddy and I really miss you… I passed the tax course and I know you are so proud of me . REST IN HEAVEN I love you ❤🥺💜

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Hello I am alaina and thanks so much for checking out my profile.

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