Had an Interview and Got The Job!!!

I had an Interview yesterday and I just found out that I got the job!! I am over the moon!! I’ve been waiting all this time to find out what is my career outside of restaurant manager and I finally think I found it. My daddy would be so proud of me. Thank you lord for blessing my family and I with this amazing opportunity!! 👏 👏😁😄

Reading Head Start has changed homeschooling for my kids!!

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Reading head start has really boosted my cofidence in homeschooling. So I wanted to share it with anyone struggling teaching their children to read. It really has been a lifesaver. I highly recommend and well worth the money spent!

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Teach my child to read

First Post of Today


I am trying hard with my 4 year old he does not communicate very well so I was not comfortable sending him to public school. The state speach threapist came and said that he speaking was fine and what they call typical development. Which is good news. Popular myth: Parents think they are not qualified to teach their children: When in fact if you graduated high school or have some equivalent then you are totally qualified.


Maybe I should of changed that to my husband rather than marriage. Can two people that are completely opposite of each other be soul mates? Do opposites really attract? My husband and I have been together almost 12 years and I spent 10 on them doing drugs. He fortunately, is not an addict which is not a bad thing but it is hard for him to comprehend why I can’t “just not be depressed,” or “just say no I am not going to feel like that.” If it was only that easy. I don’t want to be depressed I didnt ask to have a mental illness. My parents were addicts and abusive. I didn’t get to learn how to cope properly and now I am trying to do it properly and I should just “flip the switch” so to speak. I have more to say, but have to go tend to the kids. Bye for now.

Only post for the day

Didn’t feel good today headache all day…reminds me of when I was a kid and I would get the most horrible headaches. From my trauma I’m sure. I really am liking this blog like an open journal.

I am homeschooling my 4 year old my first time to do that. I think every parent thinks they are not qualified to teach their child but I graduated college so I have to have something to offer. I have to do something meaningful with my life so I can stay sober

Picture for the day

Hopefully tomorrow is better 😌 🙏

Late post

I don’t know when my life began to be peaceful but thank God for peacefulness. Maybe I’m being unreasonable with my husband and he’s just being himself. Maybe himself annoys me a little. All I know is I have become more happy with my life than I have ever been. Only thing missing is my daddy. I have to try to be positive and stop focusing on the negative

My thoughts

I seen a homeless man yesterday outside the walgreens the other day and he asked me for 2 dollars. I didnt want to open my wallet in front of him because I used to be homeless too and I didnt want him to see how much money I had in my wallet. I used to be homeless too….so on my way out I bought the man an aquafina water and was going to give him the water and the 2 dollars but he was gone.

Today, this morning I took the bottle of aquafina water out of the fridge and started to drink it and my husband started with the questions. Where did I get that bottle of water and why did I buy that brand “you know we dont drink that brand,” and yes I would have not of chose that brand for myself but it was all that was buy the register when I was paying. So I preceded to tell him about the homeless man and he immediatly told that I should have gave him 5 dollars instead of 2 and how weird I was for buying that brand. That it was so weird that I bought that brand that I must have only bought it because I did not want to share the water with him.

Honestly, my mind was blown I mean he has said things like this before to me, but I just couldnt believe him. I found myself explaining myself over and over as if I was in trouble for buying that brand of water. If anyone has some thoughts on this I would love some feedback.

My First Blog Post

Hello everyone and anyone who is taking the time to read this. My name is Alaina and I am a mom of three boys. I am starting this blog because I wanted to share my life and expierences with the world. My life hasn’t been easy and I have struggled to make it to where I am today. I am 34 years old and I am in desperate need to vent and let my thoughts out in a safe way. I used drugs most of my life my clean date in 01/17/2020. That is also the day my father passed away.

Through this blog I hope to spread awarness that people do recover and overcome the worst of situations. So feel free to ask questions and I will answer them the best I can. Other than that I plan to update the blog everyday like a journal and I hope everyone enjoys it.

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